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One Page provides instant understandable results to the users encouraging profitable ventures and or early warnings of mismanagement.



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Warthog Financials, Inc., a financial organizing service, introduces a straightforward, one page/screen, cloud-based financial organizer and tracking tool called:

Use Warthog’s New
Financial Categorizing System!

A simpler way of doing a tedious job
· No previous accounting knowledge or training needed — learn in minutes
· Scalable and classical in appearance
Cloud-based with importing, exporting and live phone or texting support
Support includes informal bookkeeping consultation

Want to try it? Glance through the How To Link  Write down the following User/Email is     Password is:     iwilllikeit and go to SITE


This exclusive, “Any Conceivable Transaction Entry” feature is accessible from any Internet connected device.


Good For ANY Business!
(Results can be downloaded and import to other systems.)




Save 50% or Better!

The fastest system for categorizing your financials!

Manual or imported data are easily edited and categorized!


All entries automatically flow to where they are supposed to in the report, cash
flow and balance sheet below! You can also enter directly in the report below.


All transaction may be viewed and edited in the Drill Down section.



All entries go into the select account and automatically flow into Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Reconcile engine.
There are six columns across in each colored section, left to right:

ACCOUNT NAME – User names them as they desire. They will show up in the popup menu.
BUDGET For tracking progress.
of Budget remaining.
of selected Transactions.
PERCENTAGE of Total Income / Sales

DRILL DOWN (Bottom) Is a Journal / Ledger of select transactions (TA).

There will be a variety selection options for determining groupings cost.

The selection can be Exported for further analyst.

Want to try it? Glance through the below Write down the following User/Email is     Password is:     iwilllikeit and go to SITE

Introduction to One Page Accounting -  basically  it is a do-it-yourself entry system with a fixed format result.
Don't hesitate to call 414-202-5253 for help. There are no complicated problems, just simple first time problems.

General Info: SIZING THE SCREEN: Hold control button down and wheel on mouse or fingers on tablets or phone.
If field has a gray background - you can't change it.

The column on the left default accounts - you can change them.
What we are calling accounts is usually referred to as "Chart of Accounts".


Your first and all transactions are entered in one of three ways: IT'S JUST THIS SIMPLE!

1 In the transaction box

Just fill in the blanks. You can change it later if you need to.

2 The most simple way is to click on a chosen field put in a number AND something in TO/FROM, and save:
3 Import

Importing takes a little explaining...


....You need a spreadsheet THAT HAS TO BE SAVED AS A CSV comma delimited:

Cut an paste or fill in whatever info you have. ACCOUNT = What you want to Generally track, i.e. MARKETING.

The "S" group are SUB ACCOUNTS, i.e. S1 Advertising, S2 TV, S3 CBS or whatever breakouts you want to track.

THAT HAS TO BE SAVED AS A CSV comma delimited.

When you go to the import tab it will prompt you to import. If you use the above format it will work fine if not - like the following:

Use the pull downs on top row to accommodate what you have in the second row.

Then you use the pull down on the left to chose your general account.
 If you have multiples the same; click on for yellow background and chose the  general account below and click apply.
Then click import. Continue or SAVE file to work on later.



$10 US a Month or $100 USAnnually
(Refundable for 90 days.)


1610 N Prospect Ave. Suite 506

Milwaukee, WI 53202

PRICING - To be announced


(414) 202-5253


Another option is to contact your accountant,
he or she may be a partner
and give you a better deal!

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A little bit ABOUT saving $100,000

The One page Accounting System is a thirty-year startup.


For 30 years, the founder has been enjoying the benefits of the One Page Accounting system.  He has been able to know and understand his numbers during his ownership of a variety of businesses including manufacturing.  When his numbers are in order his communications with his accountant were short and concise.  Over 30 years he estimated the benefits of implementing and using the One Page Accounting System had saved him about $100,000.


THE Fastest & Easiest Cloud-Based Bookkeeping & Wealth Management System In World!