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Introduction to One Page Accounting -  basically  it is a do-it-yourself entry system with a fixed format result. Don't hesitate to call 414-202-5253 for help. There are no complicated problems, just simple first time problems.

General Info: SIZING THE SCREEN: Hold control button down and wheel on mouse or fingers on tablets or phone.
If field has a gray background - you can't change it.

The column on the left default accounts - you can change them. What we are calling accounts is usually referred to as "Chart of Accounts".

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Your first and all transactions are entered in one of three ways: IT'S JUST THIS SIMPLE!

1 In the transaction box

Just fill in the blanks. You can change it later if you need to.

2 The most simple way is to click on a chosen field put in a number AND something in TO/FROM, and save:
3 Import

Importing takes a little explaining...


....You need a spreadsheet THAT HAS TO BE SAVED AS A CSV comma delimited:

Cut an paste or fill in whatever info you have. ACCOUNT = What you want to Generally track, i.e. MARKETING. The "S" group are SUB ACCOUNTS, i.e. S1 Advertising, S2 TV, S3 CBS or whatever breakouts you want to track. THAT HAS TO BE SAVED AS A CSV comma delimited.

When you go to the import tab it will prompt you to import. If you use the above format it will work fine if not - like the following:

Use the pull downs on top row to accommodate what you have in the second row.

Then you use the pull down on the left to chose your general account. If you have multiples the same; click on for yellow background and chose the  general account below and click apply. Then click import. Continue or SAVE file to work on later.